Clayton Quamme



Experience summary



  • US Army Officer
  • Preston & Cleveland Wealth Management, LLC



  • B.S.B.A in Economics, magna cum laude Appalachian State University





Leadership and Community

  • Estate Planning Council
  • Martha Guy Advisory Board
  • Heritage Academy Mentor Group
  • F3 – Fitness, Fellowship and Faith Community Leadership Group

Clayton likes to travel with his wife and their two kids, often visiting their family across the southeast. They are intentional in budgeting and planning for experiences as part of their family’s core values.

What is Wealth?

“Wealth is often thought of as a tangible item or number we see on a net worth statement. I believe it’s deeper than that. Understanding the numbers is certainty important. However, to truly understand and measure wealth, it is just as important to consider the intangible items.

My dad gave me some career advice before I graduated high school. It’s something that’s stuck with me and influenced many major decisions I have made and still make today. It was simply this; “Consider the lifestyle impact of your decisions not just today, but 10, 15, and 20 years down the road”. By lifestyle he was referring to the things money cannot measure. For example, the time spent with family, time spent volunteering or mentoring in the community, and the experiences that help build relationships along the way.

Today, with a family of my own, the intangible items and experiences are incredibly important. So we use our financial resources as a tool to help achieve our tangible and intangible goals. It helps us live wealthy lives today.

The idea of saving has always been important to me. However, my passion for helping others through financial planning became a clear career choice after taking my first financial planning course in college. The financial planning courses focused on strategies to align your values, goals, priorities, and commitments with your financial resources, which was exciting and life-changing. I found this also complimented my second passion of serving others, which has always been important and a core value in many other parts of my life such as church, team sports, Boy Scouts, and serving in the US Army as an officer.

Choosing to work in the fee-only business model was an important part of my career decision. This is because it helps match my career goals with my passions. The fee-only model allows me to sit on the same side of the table as the client. That’s extremely important to me. I take a lot of pride in my work each day, knowing it has a meaningful, positive impact on the lives of others. It is important to me that the customized support and insight we provide to our clients, results in exceptional value for the clients we serve. That value often cannot be quantified as it may result in a road not taken. However, the impact will be significant for the current and future generations of each client”.